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Good chess, good science and politics! One’s gotta go!


John Bain

“Ouroboros is an ancient mythological serpent. Hungry to make itself stronger, Ouroboros consumes its tail and ends up consuming itself.” -Dan Dalthrop, author of “The Dreadful Rise of Advocacy Science – The Anatomy of a Travesty.


Ouroboros the snake consuming itself

What can happen if politics & emotion enter chess?!

Dan Dalthrop photo

Dan Dalthrop

…The Dreadful Rise of Advocacy Science – The Anatomy of a Travesty,” by Dan Dalthrop, January 30, 2024.

Also a strong chess player, Dan Dalthrop is an ecologist & statistician standing athwart the epistemic collapse of Science & the Enlightenment, saying “Whoa, Nellie!”

Learn To Play Chess


A Good Scientist Plays Chess!

The Komodo Dragon Chess Engine!

Through the science of computer coding and programming, today’s chess engines dominate and crush any and all human opponents.

Chess engines are so powerful that they have become somewhat irrelevant in that they “see” winning moves so far ahead in a chess game that no human can calculate or comprehend the variation.

However, to date, chess engines have not “solved” the game of chess.


The World’s Best-Selling

Scholastic Chess Workbooks!




Beginner’s BookChess Rules For Students

Chess Rules For Students workbook

“Knights Battle”

Chess Rules For Students is a workbook for students learning the game of chess and for beginning students returning to the game. No previous knowledge of chess is necessary. Parents unfamiliar with chess will find this booklet a valuable guide to their child’s new interest.

Chess Rules For Students is designed with students, coaches, and parents in mind. Reading level is appropriate for grade-school use. All major rules of chess are covered, and algebraic notation worksheets are included. Each page is in easy-to-use worksheet format.

A student-friendly Answer Key makes self-correction fun!

Beginners & Intermediate Book – Checkmate! Ideas For Students

Checkmate! Ideas For Students

“Knight Checkmates King!”

Checkmate! Ideas For Students is a workbook for beginning and intermediate students. Checkmate! covers the tactics used in checkmate attacks with clear explanations, diagrams and arrows to pinpoint the key features.

Unlike many other basic checkmate books, Checkmate! categorizes the checkmates by the tactics used to force the checkmate–like Pins, Sacrifices, Removing the Guard, Attraction, Clearance and Attacking Flight Squares–rather than only the checkmate pattern itself.

The worksheets and Answer Key are clear and simple for the student to use, and easy for the parent, teacher and coach to correct! Fun!

Intermediate & Advanced Book – Chess Tactics For Students

Chess Tactics For Students workbook

“Profiles Face-Off in King’s Shadow”

Chess Tactics For Students contains 434 carefully selected problems in worksheet format.

Chess Tactics has been extensively field tested with elementary, middle-school, and high-school students over a four-year period. This book is ideal for independent seat work as well as for homework and classroom instruction.

The worksheet format and Answer Key enable self-correction with minimal dependence or direct help from a chess teacher, coach, or parent.

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Solve a chess puzzle, enter the weekly drawing as often as you like, and win awesome prizes! Winners’ prizes are listed below. If you don’t win this week, try again next week! New puzzles are posted daily!


Below are the weekly prizes we send out! If you don’t win, try again the following week for your chance to win! Click on the prize to learn more about it.

Checkmate In One Prize
Chess Rules For Students Workbook
An instructional workbook designed for students learning the game of chess. Click here to learn more!
Checkmate In Two Prize
Checkmate! Ideas For Students
An instructional workbook containing tactics in worksheet format used to checkmate--like Pins, Sacrifices, Removing the Guard, Attraction, Clearance, and Attacking Flight Squares!
Checkmate In Three Prize
Chess Tactics For Students
An instructional workbook containing 434 carefully selected problems presented in worksheet format.

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