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White checkmates in 3 moves or wins the Queen for a Knight in 2 moves!


Diagrams from John Bain’s best-selling book,

Chess Tactics For Students

Chapter 9 Double Threats –

A DOUBLE THREAT, as used in this chapter, is a move that threatens to checkmate or to win a piece. To avoid checkmate, the opponent must give up the threatened piece. Some Double Threats can be simple, as shown in Diagram 249. Others take two or more moves to set up.

Next, PROMOTING PAWNS Diagram 280:

Name the square where the white pawn is that becomes a Queen after white plays Bxb6 >

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Answer – Diagram 279:

1. Ne5                             Nxe5??

2. Qxh5+                        Kg8

3. Qh8#


1. Ne5                             Kg8

2. Nxd7

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