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Nepo in blue blazer looking at camera is winner at 2022 World Chess Candidates Tournament

Russia’s Ian “Nepo” Nepomniachtchi

Born: July 14, 1990 in Bryansk, Russia

31 Years Old
Rated 2773

2022 World Chess Candidates Tournament

Final Standings

Russia’s Ian “Nepo” Nepomniachtch

1st Place

Round 14 Final Standings 2022 World Chess Candidates Tournament


Undefeated with 9.5/14 points, Nepo won 1st Place, and and will play in another World Chess Championship match!

Nepo was the only undefeated player in the Candidates Tournament, and finished with a 2909 Performance Rating!

Winner Challenges Magnus Carlsen

The winner of the 2022 Candidates Tournament challenges the reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen in a 14-game match for the World Chess Championship in 2023.

What Happens If Magnus Carlsen Retires?

If Magnus Carlsen retires and declines to defend his title, then the top two finishers in the 2022 Candidates Tournament will compete in a 14 game match for the World Chess Championship.

Liren Ding in 2nd Place!

In Round 14, China’s Liren Ding defeated USA’s Hikaru Nakamura to capture 2nd Place with 8.0/14.0 points.

2022 Candidates Tournament Format

Liren Ding’s victory and 2nd Place finish puts him in a position to play Ian Nepo in the next 2023 World Chess Championship match if Magnus Carlsen retires and declines to defend his title.

China’s Ding Liren

Born: October 24, 1992 in Wenzhou, China

#2 Rated Chess Player in the World

29 Years Old
Rated 2806

Norway’s Magnus Carlsen
World Chess Champion

Born: November 30, 1990 in Tønsberg, Norway

Magnus Carlsen is the #1 rated chess player in the world

#1 Rated Chess Player in the World

31 Years Old
Rated 2864

The 2022 Candidates Tournament

The 14-round tournament took place in Madrid, Spain at the luxurious Palacio Santona, home of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.

Tournament Hall at Madrid Chamber of Commerce

The 8-player, double round-robin Candidates Tournament–where the players played each other twice, once with the white pieces and once with the black pieces–determined who will challenge Magnus Carlsen for the World Championship match in 2023 at a time and place to be determined.

2022 FIDE Candidates Tournament

Prize Pool

$535,000.00 USD!

2022 Candidates Tournament Prize Pool

Chess Champions Start Here!

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