World Chess Championship

New York City, USA
November 30, 2016

Tiebreak Game 4

“The Magnificent Checkmate!”

Magnus Carlsen raises hands in vicotry!

Magnus Carlsen, World Chess Champion!

Magnus Carlsen from Norway defended his World Chess Championship against Sergey Karjakin from Russia with a magnificent checkmate to end the 16th game of the match—Tiebreak Game 4!

“The Magnificent Checkmate” is magnificent for three reasons.

1) Sergey Karjakin didn’t see it coming! He was by default the second strongest player in the world after winning the Candidates Tournament.

2) Karjakin was threatening checkmate in one move after playing 48. …Qf2!

3) The checkmate entailed a Queen Sacrifice to end the game and the World Chess Championship match!

Magnus Carlsen was playing the White pieces.

THE PROBLEM: Playing the White pieces, Magnus Carlsen to move, and checkmate Sergey Karjakin in two moves, forced!

Here is the position after Move 49. …Kh7:

White to move and checkmate in 2 moves!


50. Qh6+!! A magnificent finish to a world title defense! Magnus Carlsen sacrifices his Queen for one of the most beautiful checkmates in the history of chess.

White plays Qh6+ sacrificing the Queen!

If Karjakin play 50. …Kxh6, Carlsen plays 51. Rh8# Checkmate! See below!

...Kxh6? then Rh8#!

If Karjakin play 50. …gxh6, Carlsen plays 51. Rxf7# Checkmate! See below!

...if gxh6, then Rxf7#!

Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin shake hands prior to game.

Magnus Shakes Hands

For a student to understand and progress in all stages of the chess game–the Opening, the Middle Game and the Endgame–the student must first know how to end the game in checkmate!

-John Bain, author of the best-selling scholastic chess workbooks Checkmate! Ideas For Students as well as the blog Endgame Checkmate Patterns For Students!

Checkmate! Ideas For Students

SEE> Part 2: Basic Endgame Checkmate Patterns which covers the Four Basic Endgame Checkmate Patterns that will yield collateral benefits to all aspects of your chess game!


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