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Youngest Ever Belgian Chess Champion!

by John Bain

Daniel Dardha

Born October 1, 2005 in Belgium

Rated: 2424

At 13 years old, Daniel Dardha won the 2019 Belgian Chess Championship in Charleroi, Belgium–a 10-player Round Robin–finishing ahead of 3 Grandmasters!

Daniel Dardha became the 2019 Beligian Champion at the age of 13 years and 10 months–the youngest in Belgian history.

He tied for First Place with GM Tanguy Ringoir with 6/9 points, but was crowned the champion because Daniel had the larger number of wins.

His performance rating of 2483 gave him his 4th International Master (IM) norm. He received the IM title in September!

See Final Standings below, and look at the Grandmasters finishing below him!

Daniel Dardha at the Marshall Chess Club in New York City in 2015.

Daniel Dardha at the Marshall Chess Club in New York City in 2015.

2019 Belgian Championship

Final Standings

Final Standings - 2019 Belgian Championship

Chess Runs in the Family

3 Generations of Chess Players!

Daniel Dardha playing chess with his grandfather Bardhyl Dardha.

A younger Daniel plays chess with his grandfather Bardhyl, while his father Arben watches.

Daniel inherited his passion for chess from his father and grandfather. His father, Arben Dardha, born in Albania, is a FIDE (International Chess Federation) Master and Daniel’s current coach.

Daniel’s Father

Politics thwarted Arben’s chess career.

Arben grew up in a communist regime that forbid travel abroad from his country of origin, Albania. He could access and play only 9 officially rated chess games a year–making chess progress very challenging.

Daniel’s Grandfather

Daniel’s grandfather, Bardhyl Dardha, started the chess tradition in the family. He coached both the ‘Tomori’ Chess Club in Berat, Albania as well as his son Arben.

Bardhyl follows Daniel’s games online. In addition, at 82 years old, he still plays chess online around 8 hours a day!

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